About Loba

What do we do?

We search, identify and evaluate properties on your behalf, whether you are looking to buy, rent or invest. Our aim is to make your life easier by taking over the searching process, advising you during negotiations and ultimately handling all contracts and legal documentation. For sellers and landlords we have built a curated marketplace that incentivises people to refer your property to their network of contacts. We believe this allows you to reach more potential buyers or tenants, for free. We also support the management of real estate with investment potential, such as old or vacant buildings primed for reconstruction and refurbishment.

Why do we exist?

Finding the ideal home at the right price is often a challenging proposition. In a fast-paced and constantly changing market this has become an even harder task, especially for those of us who lead a busy life. In recent years demand has far outstripped supply in the real estate markets of Lisbon and Porto making them difficult to navigate. Characterized by inaccurate information and uncertainty, as well as a lack of transparency and professionalism among mediators. We know that the sale prices of properties are influenced by the commissions of the local and international agencies who charge 5% to 7% + VAT. This a cost indirectly passed on to buyers who then pay IMT and stamp duty on these commissions hidden in the negotiated price.

LOBA has reversed the real estate brokerage model and created a distinctive and innovative service platform that increases transparency, reduces brokerage costs and eliminates the frustrations and insecurities that home buying, selling and leasing can cause everyone involved.

Through LOBA commissions are fixed and always known by the potential buyer or tenant rather than being decided by the owner, either in the house hunting service or in LOBA Selection.

How do we accomplish it?

We believe that the value of a network of contacts is not in its size but in the connections we make within it. That is why we built our platform to reflect this and help create these connections between homeowners and homebuyers. Our house hunting service similarly leverages excellent local contacts with agents, developers, landlords and owners to find the best properties out there for our clients.

“In every soul, as well as in all houses, there is a hidden interior.”

Raúl Brandão

Who are we?

Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit

Sandra Viana

Founder and General Manager

Sandra is passionate about creating and developing projects that can change society for the better. She has a natural curiosity towards people and their stories - the experiences, struggles, what they learned, how they built their dreams. Sandra founded LOBA with the purpose of making real estate a better place, by giving back the power to people, helping each person to find the ideal home at a fair price and with transparency. Sandra's mission is to eliminate operational inneficiencies and protect the interests of people within a market environment characterised by an increasingly competitive demand side and an inefficient supply side. She is focused on service design, win win negotiation and mediation.


Bernardo d'Alte

In-house Photographer

Bernardo partially lost his hearing at the age of twelve and, for more than twenty years, he refined the sense of sight, observation and authentic listening. This capacity for empathy has been evidenced in his photography and videography work. Photographic author of two books that won the Gourmand Award of Best in the World in the category of healthy cuisine, he has been participating in creations and events in which emotions are present and become evident in the images captured, either 1m away or 500m altitude, flying a drone. Building a house is not strange to him and he has put in this project the same dedication, resilience and vision that he puts in his professional purpose. It is with a good heart, an agile mind and a fearless spirit that he helps people to navigate the market and find their dream home, or to show the essence of a home that seeks other people to make it their own.


Luís Laranjo

House Hunter / Selection LOBA

Luis spent close to 15 years in the academic world as a professor and researcher, which made him develop a rigorous look around objective data. However, this rigor has never removed his ability to look at the implications that data actually have in people's lives. Humanistic by nature, he always seeks the best solutions that serve people first, based on reliable information. Passionate about design and architecture, he easily identifies charismatic houses, which do not always stand out in the coldness of the numbers, but only when we cross their doors. If it seems contradictory to many, he likes to think that they are complementary ways of seeing the world.



We are guided by our human instincts. If you have a kind heart, a fierce mind and a brave spirit, and you identify with our mission of helping people find their dream home write to [email protected] and tell us your story. Let us know what inspires you and how you can help LOBA create value for our clients.

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