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If you are searching for a house and have no time to waste you came to the right place. Start by checking our curated marketplace, Selection LOBA. If you do not find what you are looking for hire us to do it for you outside of our selection. Through our House Hunting service LOBA searches the whole market for your ideal home.

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Finding the home that best suits us is a difficult task, especially if one leads a busy life. In a marketplace that has become increasingly competitive for buyers we know how difficult it is to find, and ultimately get the ideal property for a fair price. Until now there was no service to tackle this problem in a transparent and reliable way, making the whole experience unbearably frustrating.

House Hunting

LOBA was born with a protective instinct that helps us carry you through the entire process of buying, or renting a property, removing all the associated frustrations and constraints. We will represent you in your mission to find the right house, negotiating with all intermediaries, and eliminating barriers and conflicts of interest that might arise. As a buyers agent we are hired by you, and work only for you. This way you can be assured that we will search the entire market independently and that we do not receive any third-party commission. Through our network of contacts in the industry LOBA has access to some of the best opportunities available, sometimes even before they are made available online.

LOBA is fully committed to securing your ideal home, fighting for your interests during negotiations over price and contract terms. For the fulfilment of this role LOBA is rewarded with a fee of 2% on your fixed budget, or monthly rent, as the case may be. We will remain at your side to assist you with any doubts you may have along the way until you find yourself comfortably installed in your new house.

There are endless possibilities lying ahead...

LOBA was the first agency in Portugal specialized in house hunting and provides the most transparent, personalized and efficient service. Designed to provide buyers with a single contact to find, evaluate and negotiate their ideal home, independently and without conflicts of interest, with the owner, developer or real estate agency that might be selling the property. Since 2015, LOBA created a network of contacts that provide privileged access to (yet) unannounced properties online.

Independent consulting, tailor made.

We know how difficult it can be to make such an important decision as buying, selling or managing a property without independent and specialized advice. If an investor or developer has access to advisory and market intelligence to make their decisions, anyone should have it. We believe that people want more than search engines or sales pitches, they want creative control over their life stories. That's why we created another unique service in the industry, unlike mediation: one (or more) booking hours of real estate consultancy.

Reliable investment

For LOBA, a client is much more than a potential real estate transaction, it’s a person with motivations, expectations and needs. Often the best decision to make is not to sell, or not to buy, at that moment. We analyze each case, clarify face-to-face doubts and guide your reflection, both in your emotional and rational components, so that you make informed decisions, with clarity and confidence, without the need for you to hire any mediation service. If this will be your next need, you’re free to choose the mediator of your choice.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or send us your queries directly to [email protected]

Frequenly Asked Questions

What's LOBA? We're a real estate marketplace focused on creating perfect matches between curated properties and the people that need them the most. We strive to find the perfect house for those who have too little time to find exactly what they are looking for and guide our clients from the beginning to the end of the buying process, leaving them to concentrate on managing their life.
We’re humans too, and we know what your house is worth and the increasing value of that worth. We live in a speculation-driven market where there aren’t enough support and focus on people’s needs. That makes the real estate market very competitive and commission driven, and we want to make it more empathic and honest. We empower people in real estate.
We look for your home throughout the market, identify the potential choices and visit them, we evaluate the structure and potential, we do a video and we mention only those that match your criteria. We follow the customer in the visit and after confirmed the interest, we negotiate the price and legal conditions. Either is your goal to buy your own home, to lease or simply to invest, we are on your side to make the best decision, plan and facilitate your life, saving you time, so that you can enjoy your new home as soon as possible and enjoy your new home.
The house hunting service is contracted with exclusivity. We are committed to devote ourselves in the search, visits, intensive and persistent contacts. For this reason, the house hunter must have the garantee of the established relationship.
It's our client, those looking for the house. It would not make sense otherwise! If the commission is paid by the owner, as with real estate agencies, their work is limited by the options that provide you with the committee and there is no incentive to seek your ideal home out of these options. Because they don’t have a contract with you , they will not spend time or effort beyond a brief survey or creating website alerts configured with the type and area, waiting for the contact if any of the properties interest you.
The contract is tailored to customer needs, normally 1 to 3 months.
To begin the hunt, we charge 10% of the payment. Once the mission is accomplished, we charge the remaining 90% of the fixed commission on the promissory-contract. In case of house hunting to rent, the proportion is 50%-50%.
Rental: montly rent limit. Example: You want to house up to € 3,000 of monthly rent, this will be the agreed commission. Purchase: 2,5% of the purchase limit. Example: You want to house up to 500,000 €, the agreed fee is € 12,500. (All amounts plus VAT)
We eliminate any incentive for the price you pay for your home to give us a higher commission. If we agreed on your investment limit (rent or purchase), we know how far you can go for your house. If we find this ideal home with a monthly rent of € 3.000 we will negotiate to stay below € 3,000, to meet your budget and if we can get it for 2.600 € or 2.800 € even better. We will negotiate as you would for yourself, for maximum savings! In the case of purchase, you know that we will receive € 10,000 commission, so we will do everything for you to buy your house at the lowest possible price, our goal is your maximum satisfaction. We believe that we should transfer value to our customer and gain their recommendation to new customers, instead of gaining more in each transaction.
It is natural to happen. Our focus is on you, so consider any home market, whether or not an agency, and whatever it may be. We visited this house and negotiate with the realtor instead of the do with the owner, but we do not accept any commission from another agency.
Our nose is very accurate, but if we don’t achieve the ideal property within the prescribed period, we decide together whether to extend the service, or if there was a lack of communication.

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