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For those who know someone looking for a house

Do you know someone looking for a home?

We all have of a friend, a family member or an acquaintance seeking a new home. Why not help them find their home on the LOBA’s curated marketplace and receive part of the commission as a reward?

Take a look at our selection

We created LOBA Selection, our curated marketplace, so that everyone has the opportunity to find a buyer or tenant for their property with a few simple clicks. We want to help people buy or rent simply and easily, without the high costs of a traditional agency hidden on the listing price. When a property is purchased or leased through LOBA, the buyer or tenant pay us the fee. Our blockchain feature rewards people for referring buyers or tenants with a referral fee should they conclude the deal. Check out each property profile to find out how much you could get for referring it to someone you know.

Referencing properties in LOBA, step by step...

  1. Search listings on our LOBA Selection
  2. Click to refer
  3. Indicate the recipient's email
  4. Add personalized message
  5. Send

You will receive an automatic email with a copy of the message you sent followed by our smart contract that will allow you to collect your referral fee (reward) if the deal closes. You can talk to us at any time if you have doubts or if you need help during the process.

Get rewarded for helping your friends

If you know someone who might be interested in a LOBA property you can refer them to us and receive your own commission. Our smart contracts based on blockchain technology allow you to receive your commission automatically once the deal is closed.

Maximise your free time and earn some extra income

If you have some spare time to engage in a new activity, and you know people who are looking to acquire housing you can earn extra income by referring appropriate properties to potential buyers or tenants.

Make your business more efficient

If you are a professional real estate agent use our platform to search for and refer selected properties to your clients. You will be able to reduce costs and spend less time visiting properties.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or send us your queries directly to [email protected]

Frequenly Asked Questions

Not in the conventional way. LOBA offers a reward for recommending the properties listed in the LOBA Selection to actual buyers or renters of this property through LOBA. This benefit is extendable to real estate agents but the potencial buyer is managed directly by LOBA.You will automatically receive a receipt by email which will allow you to collect your referral fee (reward) if the deal closes. If the agency wants a commission sharing, its own percentage must be added to the price and presented to its buyer client, in addition to the 2,5% commission + VAT charged by LOBA.
We're a real estate marketplace focused on creating perfect matches between curated properties and the people that need them the most. We strive to find the perfect house for those who have too little time to find exactly what they are looking for and guide our clients from the beginning to the end of the buying process, leaving them to concentrate on managing their life.
We’re humans too, and we know what your house is worth and the increasing value of that worth. We live in a speculation-driven market where there aren’t enough support and focus on people’s needs. That makes the real estate market very competitive and commission driven, and we want to make it more empathic and honest. We empower people in real estate.
Yes! Even if you contact us, the only information shared with the house owner will be the potencial buyer /tenant.
Each house listed has a reward that double motivates you to refer the house to a friend who you think might be looking for it. According to our research, people who know each other better will have a higher chance of identifying the house they will choose to live on.
Your friend will receive a notification (via e-mail) with the house link to contact us to schedule a visit. We'll let you know as soon as your friend closes the deal.
Every house has a reward that you can earn by successfully referring a friend for a specific house. You may receive it by bank transfer in fiat or crypto currency.
Following a one month guarantee period after your friend buy or rent the new house, we’ll transfer the reward to you.
We decided to keep things simple and reward only one referrer, we’ll assume the first one and check if it’s the one that originated the contact.
The more quality referrals the better!
You will be able to find a list of both sent and received referrals and contacts you did by accessing your personal dashboard soon, until then, don’t delete your referral email messages.
No. Once you received the reward, it's yours.
No problem! Go ahead with the contact.
Yes. If you've done your homework and have your own prospects list then you should be able to make a great referral.

Any questions?

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