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If you have a property for sale or lease use our platform to enhance its online presence and benefit from real estate services with full transparency and expert support, without any fees attached.

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Our Platform

LOBA facilitates property deals through an online platform based on social interactions. This greatly improves matching between properties and potential buyers or tenants. We provide the incentive for people to share your property profile with their friends and family by offering them a portion of our commission if a deal closes. Thus by submitting your property to LOBA we believe you will be able to sell or rent your home faster, while enjoying our personalized and efficient service.

As our marketplace is carefully curated we do require them to meet certain criteria before being listed.

The conditions that we propose are:

  1. You may submit your property for free.
  2. We reserve the right to only accept properties that meet the standards of LOBA and our clients.
  3. If your property is accepted, you list your property under exclusivity for a 6 months period.
  4. We will only charge a fee from the buyer, if we succeed.

Sell or rent my property with LOBA, step by step...

  1. Create a user profile.
  2. Fill in the details and add a description of your property.
  3. Attach images and documentation.
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Submit.

You will receive an email with all the information you provided and within 24 hours we will contact you to arrange a visit to see the property or a photoshoot is necessary (50€+VAT).

Use our platform to enhance its online presence, and benefit from the services of a modern real estate agency without the cost. Click here to submit your property and do not worry about a thing. You can talk to us at any time if you have any doubts or if you need some assistance during the process.

An efficient service with no fees for the seller

Sign up, submit your property, and enjoy our personalized service combined with technology that makes it easier for you to reach the right person.

Our carefully curated listings

As buyers agents we are always on the lookout for the best properties on the market. Sometimes we find them but they don’t meet our clients needs, but why not share them with new prospective buyers?

We provide the incentive for people to recommend your property

We share our success fee with anyone who refers your property to the person who concludes the deal. We therefore provide the biggest and best network interested in directing a property to the right person.

See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or send us your queries directly to [email protected]

Frequenly Asked Questions

We're a real estate agency and marketplace focused on creating perfect matches between curated properties and the people that need them the most. We strive to find the perfect house for those who have too little time to find exactly what they are looking for and guide our clients from the beginning to the end of the buying process, leaving them to concentrate on managing their life.
We have the expertise to attract, evaluate and engage the best clients for you. Our operations team verifies all houses and make prospect qualification before any visit and we offer paid peer referrals to our highly-skilled users who know their networks and friends better than real estate agents ever could. We empower people in real estate.
Our main focus is curated properties, that can fit our client’s demands. Our portfolio include apartments, villas, buildings, stores and offices.
You'll simply need to go to register and follow the steps we will ask you about the house details and any images you have. Don’t Forget to upload the Energy Certificate. Our team will then review it and publish it so that everyone can see it.
Nope! We’re a tech startup operating a marketplace between verified curated houses and people who are looking for their next great house. Our product continually evolves to allow both self-service and human-powered services in scouting and account management. We don’t just know about real estate, we understand people, and our clients recognise that.
You may sign your contract with us through DocuSign, or presencially. Our lawyers review the property documents and the contract is prepared in english for your convenience. We will submitted for encryped signatures on www.docusign.com or meet for hand signatures with LOBA's representative.
You can upload them on the website, or send them by email to [email protected].
Everyone is free to join our platform but our main target is selected houses. We want to keep our list of properties clean and curated. Maybe… Your house needs a refresh or house staging. We can help you with some counceling. You didn't provide credible information. Your house is not on the moon. Your house details is confusing or badly written. Your house asking price is not legit. We don’t speculate, ask us for a professional valuation.
Our marketing team can promote your house through our network of affiliates, social media and other online channels. Also, our Premium plan offers dedicated account management which ensures you find the one, plus you might get a mention or two in our newsletter :)
Your house offers will be on display for 180 consecutive days, after this we will talk to you about what can we do differently to get you a successful deal.
We're developing an algorithm that assesses the quality score of each referral. Right now we're on manual mode. Our team is talented enough to talk to people and help them figure out if they’re being realistic about the deal. Until you figure out how to make a computer do it better, we will keep using our soft skills!
Start with a house preparation and description that’s clear, clean and also shows your house’s personality. Provide as much information as you can to the LOBA team, and if we ask for clarification on anything, try and be prompt so we can make sure no prospects are left on hold. Nobody likes that! We’re here to help.
Our commission is separated from the price in order to have more transparency and reduce tax costs, if both parts agree, the buyer pays a 2% fee of the final sale price (or 1 month rent, in case of a rental).

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