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LOBA was the first agency in Portugal specialized in house hunting and provides the most transparent, personalized and efficient service. Designed to provide buyers with a single contact to find, evaluate and negotiate their ideal home, independently and without conflicts of interest, with the owner, developer or real estate agency that might be selling the property. Since 2015, LOBA created a network of contacts that provide privileged access to (yet) unannounced properties online.

Independent consulting, tailor made.

We know how difficult it can be to make such an important decision as buying, selling or managing a property without independent and specialized advice. If an investor or developer has access to advisory and market intelligence to make their decisions, anyone should have it. We believe that people want more than search engines or sales pitches, they want creative control over their life stories. That's why we created another unique service in the industry, unlike mediation: one (or more) booking hours of real estate consultancy.

Reliable investment

For LOBA, a client is much more than a potential real estate transaction, it’s a person with motivations, expectations and needs. Often the best decision to make is not to sell, or not to buy, at that moment. We analyze each case, clarify face-to-face doubts and guide your reflection, both in your emotional and rational components, so that you make informed decisions, with clarity and confidence, without the need for you to hire any mediation service. If this will be your next need, you’re free to choose the mediator of your choice.

Get rewarded for helping your friends

If you know someone who might be interested in a LOBA property you can refer them to us and receive your own commission. Our smart contracts based on blockchain technology allow you to receive your commission automatically once the deal is closed.

Maximise your free time and earn some extra income

If you have some spare time to engage in a new activity, and you know people who are looking to acquire housing you can earn extra income by referring appropriate properties to potential buyers or tenants.

Make your business more efficient

If you are a professional real estate agent use our platform to search for and refer selected properties to your clients. You will be able to reduce costs and spend less time visiting properties.

An efficient service with no fees for the seller

Sign up, submit your property, and enjoy our personalized service combined with technology that makes it easier for you to reach the right person.

Our carefully curated listings

As buyers agents we are always on the lookout for the best properties on the market. Sometimes we find them but they don’t meet our clients needs, but why not share them with new prospective buyers?

We provide the incentive for people to recommend your property

We share our success fee with anyone who refers your property to the person who concludes the deal. We therefore provide the biggest and best network interested in directing a property to the right person.

LOBA Selection

Property with LOBA’s quality stamp, for sale or lease.

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Very professional, efficient and available. They helped us quickly rent our apartment and install new tenants, to everyone's satisfaction. They gave great advice and were always attentive to our requests.

Sérgio, Belgium

Sandra Viana. CEO of LOBA House Hunting is extremely resourceful, on what making our dreams/wishes come true (in the real estate market) is concerned. I recently bought my actual home, through LOBA. The process could have been aborted by the seller at any time, which didn't happen due to Sandra clever and sensitive mediation. I fully endorse LOBA should you need to buy or sell any real estate asset. Thank you Sandra :-)

José, Portugal

LOBA and Sandra provide fantastic and proactive service. Sandra offers clear market insight and has successfully rented and managed to rent our properties to reliable tenants. I love how entrepreneurial Sandra is in her business and approach to customer service experience! I would highly recommend LOBA!

Kimberley, Hong Kong

We are happy to have crossed paths with LOBA and Sandra. The whole process was dealt with quickly and professionally. Sandra is fully dedicated to your process and reflects credibility, transparency and serenity, traits so important in this market and that unfortunately are still not that common.

Margarida, Portugal

LOBA is a great and really trusted agency. Sandra is very professional and patient. She is really dedicated to her clients, she never gave up! It has been a great pleasure working with LOBA. We were really demandingand LOBA was always ready to help. If you have any doubts I invite you to contact me and I will tell you more! With LOBA you are in good hands.

Josephine, France

I owe Loba all the praise I can remember. I sold my apartment quickly and moved to a new office even faster. Personalized, dedicated and very effective service. Highly recommended!

Nelson, Portugal

When we contacted LOBA to begin the search, we thought it would not be easy to meet all our objectives with the level of detail we wanted: but LOBA, with your exceptionally personalised service, really understood and quickly found our property. It was not only the search of the market that surprised but also the continued support through the bureaucratic process of buying that was second to none. From the first day of the search until the day of the signing of the Deed LOBA's team were always there and available. Congratulations for having an incredible team and for providing a unique and personalised service. Thank you!

Maria, Portugal

When we decided to work with Loba we had already been through the usual ordeal when looking for a home: a fast market, frightening prices, little time to make visits, the same traumatic experience of friends. Does finding a home have to be a negative experience? No it doesn't. Searching for a home can be easier, faster and more comfortable. When we decided to continue our search with LOBA Sandra was fantastic: direct and clear, confident and open. The transparency and reliability of your model guaranteed our total confidence. Perseverance: in a word is how I would describe LOBA. The perseverance of LOBA worked. We have our home.

André, Portugal

LOBA always puts people first. The team are passionate about their work and excellent not only at creating value but also at earning the trust and loyalty of their customers, they operate with a business model that is much more transparent, agile and better adapted to the current market. I was a fan and I can recommend LOBA's services to anyone who asks me for help in this sector. Thank you!

Pedro, Portugal

I can't imagine what finding an apartment would have been like without LOBA. They were efficient, reliable but most importantly personal and dedicated. They found me the perfect apartment in 6 weeks (and i was very specific) and dealt with every aspect of the negotiation and contract. Honestly could not recommend them enough!

Galen, UK

I highly recommend Loba’s personalized services. I was able to rent my house in a very short time and they made the difference in the selection process of the customers, presentation of the house and attention on the details. A fresh approach in a traditional line of business.

Alina, Roménia

Before knowing Sandra Viana, I didn't believe that there were honest people in the real estate sector! Sandra, very professional e competent, gave me all the necessary support, both in the sale of my house and the search for a new 'Nest'! I strongly recommend LOBA to those who seek a working partnership and attach importance to ethical values. Thank you from my heart Sandra for the perseverance and transparency throughout the process.

Marzia, Italy

Faced with a real estate market in Lisbon, where there is a shortage of offers for properties to be sold or rented and an "explosion" of demand, the services offered by LOBA have been invaluable and even indispensable to quickly find a property corresponding to my criteria.

Olivier, France

Competence, honesty and excellence, in stark contrast to so much of the competition.

Jorge, Portugal